Thursday, July 15, 2010

Utah State Democratic Chairman Holland: Why won't Governor Herbert Denounce an Illegal Act?

Salt Lake City- The following is a statement from Democratic Chairman Wayne Holland regarding Governor Herbert's response regarding the list of 1,300 alleged illegal immigrants:

"When it comes to immigration, it seems as though Governor Herbert is being pushed around by a small minority of the extreme interests that exist in the Tea Party. Just three months ago on April 6th, he was chosen as the keynote speaker at a Tea Party rally at the Utah State Capitol. The fact he was ambiguous about whether the recent list of alleged illegal immigrants should or should not have been publicly released begs the question: Why? It's because aggressively migrant-opposed organizations are leading him by the nose so effectively that he won’t even denounce the illegal release of private information.

"Utahns deserve leadership who know where and how to draw the line. Illegal immigration laws need to be strongly enforced, while maintaining an element of humanity. A governor who cannot manage to state a clear answer to such a simple and moralistic issue demonstrates a lack of character and conviction."

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