Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sam Granato's Confidence

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Why is Kirk Jowers with the Hinckley Institute of Politics attempting to disenfranchise Utah voters?

When Jowers was asked if he thinks there's an opening for a Democrat like Granato, Jowers replied, "No, I think there's no chance for Sam Granato."

But Granato isn't willing to go down without a fight. "Well, I'd like to see [Jowers] on Nov. 3. We can have breakfast together and he can congratulate me," he says.

As Frank Layden, Sam's campaign co-chair would say, "If Sam doesn't have a chance then this isn't America!"

We need a senator who shows confidence and is ready to fight.  

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Anonymous said...

How is it disenfranchising to call it like he sees it? It's a prediction, not a disenfranchisement. And, frankly, a good prediction.

Best of luck to Sam, but he's got Mt. Everest to climb, and he's a little short on sherpas.

Kathy said...

Utah needs a senator that will fight for the benifit of its citizens. Lee and Bridgwater are caught up in an idealogical war and are not focused on working for the citizens of this state.