Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rep. Wimmer's "Operation Chaos" is already up and running and it is, "Monkey Business!"

As reported earlier, Rep. Carl Wimmer (R-Herriman) recently made the call on his Facebook page encouraging all registered republicans in the 2nd Congressional District to "cross over" to the Democratic side, vote in the Democratic party primary, and vote for Claudia Wright in order to ensure a win for GOP nominee, Morgan Philpot.

Rep. Wimmer later retracted his statement and removed the offending status update stating  that his plan for "operation chaos" was misguided and and that his tone was "unintentional."

However, it looks like Rep. Wimmer's "Operation Chaos" is off and running.

Take for example Cedar City resident and registered Republican, Jeff Knight.  Knight owns the domain name and has used it over the years to direct interested Democrats to sites for Mitt Romney and John McCain

He's not breaking any laws, but he has stated his distaste for Democrat Jim Matheson.  Knight has said that he would never vote for Jim Matheson, but the fact is, Knight has only voted twice since 1998 and only in the general elections in 2004 and 2008.

Although he doesn't utilize his right to vote, often, he does have his political fun. But one could conclude by his lack of interest in the voting booth that it is pretty obvious that he is just trying to make a buck by being a pain in the donkey.  I make this assumption based on his e-mail address,  

Knight has now linked the domain name to the recently discovered which is an anonymous site claiming to be run by a group of "Conservatives for Claudia" as reported earlier in the Salt Lake Tribune.

The site is a bit illogical on it's support for Wright, but they do state, "GOP Delegates already did their job. Either GOP candidate in the senate race is a good option. We'll let voters in the 1st and 3rd Congressional decide that race."

Let me state this again, looks like Rep. Wimmer's unitentional "Operation Chaos" is alive and well, and it looks like Knight wants to profit by Rep. Wimmer's "unintentional plan. 

You can contact Jeff Knight at 177 North Roundabout Way, Cedar City, Utah 84720 or by phone at 435-586-2449.

Contact Mr. Knight and make his day. Help him in his pursuit of happiness by turning a profit by being a pain in the ass to sell his product.


Anonymous said...

From the Democratic Party perspective, what would be an ethical way that Republicans could vote in a Democratic primary? Are the reasons given on the conservatives for Wright site unethical, or do you just assume that they don't mean them? If there's not an ethical way for Republicans to participate, why is there an open primary?

Emily said...

If a registered Republican felt that Jim Matheson was in trouble, and they like the work he is doing in Congress - they could vote for him in the primary. Likewise, if a registered Republican felt that Claudia Wright was the person whose platforms best represents his or her values... they could vote for her in the primary - that's ethical. What's not ethical is casting a vote for someone who you would never vote for, just because you want to see the other guy lose. that's a waste of a vote, especially when Republicans have a very intense senate primary in the works.

I'm not so sure why it is hard to define what is "ethical" and what is not?

jk said...

Great picture of me. Its only on my facebook page so I guess Emily gave it to you.

I seriously cannot believe you people cannot take a joke. Good times.

Anonymous said...

Jeff is an idiot and a... well, I'll keep this clean, but please don't harass him too much( I see his phone number, address and email on this). He has a wife and kids. I would hate to see them pay for his stupid choices.

Rob said...

Who can't take a joke? Welcome to the funny papers Mr. Knight.


Rob said...

And I agree, be nice to Mr. Knight and his family.

jk said...

Rob, you know that Emily and I know each other right?

I have NEVER hidden my ownership of the domain name. Unlike whoever is behind

I just wanted to point that out.

And on a related note, Emily swears if we ever met, we would get along.

Weird :)

Oh and I met Wayne Holland yesterday. Good times :)

Rob said...

I'm glad you met Wayne. He is a great chair and and a wonderful human being.

My guess we would be friends. Posts like this usually get me a face to face with those I post about.

I met LaVar Christensen, Paul Mero, Carl Wimmer, Mark Shurtleff, and many others this way.

We disagree on many issues, but I enjoy my association with them and I have found that generally we can find a way to meet on common ground.

I agree that you are upfront with your ownership of the domain name Thank you.

My number is 801-896-4673. Call me anytime.

Emily said...

Its not a Wimmer Knight lovefest... It's a Miller Knight lovefest. Sheesh. All this man love around here is gettin ridiculous. ;)