Friday, May 07, 2010

Prediction: U.S. Senate Candidate Sam Granato Wins the Democratic Nomination at Convention...

because he has done the work.

Over the last year, Sam Granato has done the work to win the Democratic nomination for United States Senate.  He has constantly traveled the state to listen and discuss the issues and the type of leadership Utah residents desire from their next senator.

He has been true to his original campaign plan, to make this race not so much about himself, but about us, the residents of Utah. 

Early in the campaign, Sam decided to support Fair Boundaries and Utahns for Ethical Government.  He even made a few videos to hopefully inspire others to walk for Fair Boundaries.  He allowed UEG and Fair Boundaries utilize his three retail locations so that Utahns would have a set destination where they could sign the two petitions. 

Sam has won endorsement after endorsement because of his discussions with Democratic leaders and delegates and  because of his leadership and involvement in the Party.

He is the candidate supported by the Labor Caucus and working families.  He is the candidate supported by the Stonewall and Southern Utah Stonewall executive boards and the Salt Lake County and Utah State African-American Caucus.  The Young Democrats of Utah unanimously endorsed Sam as their candidate after meeting and interviewing both candidates. And, Sam has won the endorsement of our Disabilities Caucus Chair, Miriam Hyde.   

He has won the endorsement of our gubernatorial candidate, Peter Corroon.  He has won the endorsement of Congressman Jim Matheson while also building a lasting friendship with Claudia Wright and her supporters.  He has won the endorsement of the majority of our Democratic county chairs.  He has won the endorsements of all of our Democratic State Senators and the majority of our Democratic members of the Utah State House of Representatives, as well as the support of the majority of our Salt Lake County elected officials.  These endorsements are not given away lightly, they have to be earned and Sam has done the work to earn their support. 

Sam can also raise money.  To raise money after gaining the nomination one must show that they can do so before the convention.  Sam has done so, his opponent has not. 

Sam has also helped other Democratic entities raise money.  Sam has donated time, food and his retail deli's floorspace to promote and support other candidates and causes.  He was a major sponsor for this year's Salt Lake County Politisauce Dinner.  He is a major sponsor for tonight's Jubilee Celebration and tomorrow's convention.  Simply said, Sam is a great example of how all Democratic candidates and elected officials should work to build our Party.

Over the last two weeks I have been speaking to delegates all over the state.  I am grateful that they see what I see, that Sam Granato is the right person to represent us as our candidate for United States Senate.  It has been a honor to work with Sam.  I have enjoyed watching Sam's common sense and genuinely fun personality win over delegates and voters, and it is an honor to give Sam Granato the endorsement of The Utah Amicus and Friends Blog.

Please join me and so many others by supporting Sam at tomorrow's convention. 

With every best wish,

The Utah Amicus and Friends

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