Tuesday, March 02, 2010


SALT LAKE CITY – March 1, 2010. A resolution that would encourage Congress to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty passed the Utah House Government Operations committee on a unanimous vote this evening.

HR4, sponsored by Representative Jen Seelig, D—Salt Lake City, asks the United States of America to be a leader in the world by ratifying the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which was passed in September 1996 by a UN National Assembly. In order for the ban to go into effect, 44 Annex 2 countries must ratify the treaty. To date, 31 countries have ratified the treaty.

Representative Seelig explained to the committee that Utah should be a leader that stands up against nuclear testing. “We have been down that road, and we have paid the price,” she said in a statement.

Several members from the public spoke in favor of the measure, reminding the representatives of the many deaths and health issues that have burdened Utahns following the nuclear tests in the Nevada desert.

Representative Wilcox, R—Ogden, also spoke in favor of the resolution and explained to committee members that a ban on nuclear testing actually strengthens United States national security and advances U.S. arms control objectives.

The United States Bureau of Arms Control has stated that when the CTBT goes into effect, it will "constrain the development of more advanced nuclear weapons while allowing the United States to retain a safe and reliable nuclear deterrent. The CTBT's verification regime will improve our ability to detect and deter nuclear explosions, a top national security priority," according to their website.

The resolution will now go to the House for a vote. Since it is a House Resolution, it does not need to be passed in the Senate.

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