Monday, January 25, 2010

Corroon sets new mark for ethics reform

Mayor Peter Corroon set the high water mark today by outlining five critical ethics reforms needed in the State of Utah. Please join and support Peter Corroon for Governor by signing up on his website and sending your comments to his campaign regarding ethics reform in Utah!
In a press conference earier today, Mayor Corroon gave his proposal for what meaningful ethics reform looks like in Utah.

“I’m here today as we begin this legislative session, because I want to see Utah set a high water mark. A mark the voters in Utah can look back on through the session and afterwards to see if this legislature has fulfilled their commitment to pass meaningful ethics reform and that the Governor has signed it,” stated Mayor Corroon.

The Mayor’s Proposal included:
  1. Immediately limit the amount an individual or entity can give to a state-wide candidate to $10,000 and $5,000 for a legislative race, and prohibit state contractors (people who financially benefit from state contracts) from donating to state wide candidates and legislative candidates.
  2. Immediately ban all gifts to statewide elected officials and legislators.
  3. Immediately end of the personal use of campaign funds.
  4. Stop the revolving door by giving legislators a cooling off period of 2 years before they can lobby their former colleagues.
  5. Create an independent ethics commission to address ethical violations by legislators and state wide elected officials.
Support Peter Corroon for Governor today and lets get Utah back to basics: a small, honest and effective government!

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