Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From ABC4.com: Utah's top Democrat tells Shurtleff to drop health care lawsuit talk

Reported by: Chris Vanocur
Last Update: 4:23 pm

Salt Lake (ABC 4 News) - Attorney General Mark Shurtleff should drop any plans to file suit to stop health care reform.

So says the state's top democrat.

The Attorney General's office told us Washington's health care reform may be unconstitutional.

But as soon as it said that, Utah's Democratic Party Chair let loose with comments Mark Shurtleff will likely object to.

Wayne Holland told us, "There's no doubt it's politics."

Above photo of ABC 4's Chris Vanocur

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Anonymous said...

SHURTLEFF TALKS ABOUT CORRUPTION, BUT HE IS SO EASILY BOUGHT OFF. He won't prosecute the "Free Capitalist" Ponzi-man, but he sure will sue if he thinks it will give him brownie points.