Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aryln Bradshaw, Mark Towner and Brian Moss address the Senate District 2 delegates

The Senate District 2 special election to replace State Senator Scott McCoy brought forth four great candidates.  David Miller asked in a comment, "How were the speeches?"  I have tried to get in touch with the other three candidates, but since the videos of their speeches are already on YouTube.com, I thought I would share them with you, here. 

Arlyn Bradshaw

Mark Towner

Brian Moss

Videos by Don Lewin Nelson

You are all great candidates!


Anonymous said...

Did Mark Towner completely forget all of the contract work he did for PCE just a few years ago? Or the pro-voucher "Voucher News" site that he ran? This kind of pandering is completely transparent to those of us who remember. What a crock of insincere BS.

Anonymous said...

Lord help us if Mark Towner is now a Democrat.

cameragirl84109 said...

Just saw these videos! These are fine speeches! Great Candidates all! Thank you Brian Moss, Arlen Bradshaw and Mark Towner. Thank you for this The Utah Amicus blog. I like the Corroon shamrock button too!