Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rep. Wimmer's apology

On a earlier post titled, "You said it, I didn't..." I put up what I thought was a screen shot from State House Representative Carl Wimmer's twitter page.

Two of the tweets were from Rep. Wimmer's page.

One was not.

A State Party staffer received an e-mail shortly after the first two tweets were posted  by Rep. Wimmer.  Attached to this e-mail was a screen shot with a third tweet connected to the first two tweets where Rep. Wimmer taunted the State Democratic Party twitter account.  When I went to twitter to see if the screen shot we had received was real I could not find Rep. Wimmer's page.  I'm pretty new to twitter and I truly believed that Rep. Wimmer had locked me out like he had stated in his tweet to the State Party, but the truth is I suck at the Internets, and I separated his first and last name in the twitter search and did not find his page (BTW, Craig couldn't find it either).

Later that day I felt vindicated when the first two tweets from Rep. Wimmer disappeared from his twitter account. I was so sure that Rep. Wimmer had just pulled a "Shurtleff" I even called Paul Rolly and told him to have some fun with it, but after receiving a message from Rep. Wimmer, I wasn't so sure.

I contacted Rep. Wimmer on facebook and we agreed to meet and discuss what had happened.

After many days of trying to contact the graphic artist who had sent the e-mail to HQ I received a message that stated that she had manufactured the graphic, but that she had only meant it as a joke.

Well, the joke is on me. I should have covered my bases better.

A few weeks later I finally met with Rep. Wimmer who was very friendly and understanding when I explained what had happened, but even so, I still owe Rep. Wimmer an open apology.

Rep. Wimmer, I apologize and I am solely responsible, but even so, I still hope that Paul Rolly is gentle with me.

I know that the First Amendment gives me the Constitutional Right to say anything and/or make fun of any elected official I choose, but my personal integrity and honesty is more important to me than hiding behind that right when I have made a mistake and/or have made a false accusation.

That is why it is important to make my amends with Rep. Wimmer, and you .

BTW, Thanks mom.


Adano said...

... and yet you haven't edited the original post to clarify that it is manufactured?

Anonymous said...


You are a true class act. We may disagree, and beat each other up over issues, but as a man I will always respect you sir.

I want to apologize to you, for accusing you without knowing the full story. I was pretty upset with the fake tweet. I was glad to see you at the capitol and really do look forward to
Working together in the future.

Carl Wimmer