Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rep. Carl Wimmer says, "I won't run a bill that tells local communities and religious organizations to shove it, but if someone else does, count me in!"

From the Salt Lake Tribune: House Speaker David Clark, R-Santa Clara, said the press has been more active in talking about a possible legislative repeal than lawmakers themselves. But he said it would be "interesting" to watch how the church's statement moves public opinion.

"History has proven that the side of the issue [church officials] take has public-opinion sway," Clark said. "Public-opinion sway has a sway on legislators."

At least one legislator isn't swayed. Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman, said he does not plan to run a repeal bill himself, but he would vote for one if someone else does. 

Click here to read: Salt Lake City adopts pro-gay statutes -- with LDS Church support

Photo: Paul Mero, Rick Koerber, and Rep. Carl Wimmer


Jerry said...

Sad reality here. Some people are more conservative than they are Mormon.

Messing with municipalities rights is a major issue.

This coming from the same Rep. who claims States' rights when the Federal Government comes a knocking.

Great job in Salt Lake City.

Chino Blanco said...

Good on the LDS church and the Salt Lake City council. The previous commenter's point about respecting local decisions is spot on. Mero looks to be long on agenda and short on principle.