Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sam Granato for United States Senate partners with Redirect Relationship Marketing

Salt Lake City - On Monday September 28, 2009 Sam Granato's campaign for United States Senate entered into a partnership with Redirect Relationship Marketing.

Granato said, "We had several agencies approach the campaign and we felt that they all had some great ideas for this race, but in the end we felt that James Roberts and Brian Seethaler from Redirect best understood the direction we needed to take to build a winning campaign."

Redirect was an instrumental partner in Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker's winning campaign, and their experience goes all the way back to former Utah Attorney General Jan Graham's re-election campaign, the last statewide race won by a Utah Democrat.

Rob Miller, Granato's campaign manager said, "I have known James and Brian for quite some time and I am excited to be working with two old friends who I believe in.  Not only do they have the skills to get our message out, but simply said, it was obvious to Sam and me that James and Brian want Sam to win. They want "us" to win!  How fortunate are we in this campaign to be working with great talent and great friends."

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For questions please contact Sam Granato's campaign at 801-867-1704.

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