Tuesday, September 09, 2008

You're the one who needs to apologize Mr. Chaffetz

At today's Sutherland Institute debate between Utah's 3rd congressional candidates, Bennion Spencer (D) and Jason Chaffetz (R) , Mr. Chaffetz demanded an apology from Mr. Spencer for supposedly misrepresenting Mr. Chaffetz's heartless immigration policy.

Mr. Chaffetz also stated that he was a Democrat until he learned to read.

I guess Mr. Chaffetz is suggesting that the late LDS leader, President James E. Faust, along with other past and present Utah Democrats never learned to read.

Mr. Chaffetz claimed he would work with all members of congress who have a "good idea", but his above statement is just another example of his arrogance. He has misrepresented the Western Governors Association on their immigration policy (More on that today from Bennion Spencer). He has demeaned all Utah Democrats, and he is showing his true nature and inability to look at immigration issues with a humane heart.

Click here to read Robert Gehrke's article, Chaffetz demands apology over prison camp comment but isn't getting one.

More on the debate later today.


Anonymous said...

If "liberals" stopped encouraging illegal immigration, wouldn't things be much better all around? Mexico would be forced to reform, many fewer people would try to cross the desert (and thus many fewer would die trying), and many fewer detention centers would be required.

Anonymous said...

Liberals? Most the people I know that love employing illegals are Republicans. They bitch about it, and yet they don't want to pay a decent wage for a hard day's work.

Anonymous said...

Since you know them, as you claim, who are these Republican employers of illegal aliens? I bet you can't name one.