Thursday, September 11, 2008

For the record

Demo polling raising ire of Republicans

I was reading the above story and had to laugh at many of the comments. Utah Democratic Party Executive Director Todd Taylor sets the story straight with the following comment.
"For the record, here is the text of the call in question:

Hello, my name is (caller’s first name). Is (voter’s first name) available? I am calling from the Utah Democratic Party with a couple of quick questions about the upcoming elections.

If the election for your State House of Representative were held today and the candidates were Democrat Jay Seegmiller who is concerned about legislators using their public office for private gain and Republican Greg Curtis who is Speaker of the House who thinks conflict of interest is natural in a citizen legislature, for whom would you vote?"

Now, how does Jason Powers and the Utah GOP have to say about the push poll in Senate District 27, where House Minority Leader Brad King is running against David Hinkins to replace Senate Minority leader Mike Dmitrich?

Jason, Stan, Todd, are you willing to post that script?

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The Utah Amicus

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