Thursday, August 28, 2008 from the Black Eyed Peas gave me a hug

I've seen a few times at the hotel but I didn't know he was staying two doors down from our room. When I stepped out of the elevator today was sitting in a chair, I said, "hi", and he got up out of his chair and gave me a hug. Maybe he thought I was somebody else, or maybe he is just a great guy (my choice).

We spoke for a few minutes and he agreed to do a quick video for our viewers. After doing so Rep. Christine Johnson came up and asked he if he would call her daughter, which he did without any hesitation, even though he was leaving to rehearse for tonight's event.

One of my favorite Black Eyed Peas' tunes is, "Where is the Love?"

After he called Christine's daughter I asked him about his name. He explained that he loved Dr. Seuss as a kid and one day he showed his mom that his name William spelled out Will-I-Am like Sam-I-Am. Later, his mother told him that if he was going to use as his stage name he better do something substantial because the I Am had a deeper meaning.

Once again I have met a celebrity who was humble and kind, and I believe it's no coincidence that he is the gentleman that brought the world this song and video.

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