Monday, August 04, 2008

Post 1700: Attorney General Candidate Jean Welch Hill is on Facebook

Find Attorney General Candidate Jean Welch Hill on Facebook


Anonymous said...

Of the all the democratic political candidates running – Jean is the smartest and the savviest and she has ton of energy. – I wish her the best.

Although the race for atty general might be closer than people think – Schurtliff will win.

My prediction on other races –

Springmeyer is running a very amateur, listless and poorly organized campaign – he doesn’t a chance. He is the model of an anemic politician.

The legislative races...democrats will pick up 1 seat in the house (Becky Edwards) and the Senate will remain the same

Just my thoughts

Anonymous said...

Wow Rob, you really stuck it to the Pubs! Nice!

What's funny is that if the Republicans really backed Hill, she would win.

Anonymous said...

What's funnier is if the Republicans really backed Bowtie Bob, he would win.

Mr Lady said...

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Rob said...

I really wasn't trying to stick it to anyone, it's just a photo.

After we took the photo I went in and met with Utah GOP Executive Director Ivan DuBois and Political Director Kitty Dunn who I very much enjoyed meeting.

bob dole said...

You went to a meeting in shorts and Tevas? No wonder nobody takes the Dems seriously.

Rob said...

Thanks for coming by Bob.

I didn't go "to a meeting" in shorts and Tevas; I was walking around downtown in shorts and Tevas. When the GOP staff saw us outside with a sign they came running out and invited me in.

Usually with anonymous GOP bloggers you can take what they say and realize that the opposite is true. Why else would you be here?

Come by anytime Bob.