Sunday, August 17, 2008

McCain's "October Surprise"?

[The "October Surprise" was] Named for a long-suspected, and now virtually certain clandestine plot by the 1980 Reagan/Bush campaign to prevent the release of American hostages by Iran prior to the 1980 election, thus ensuring Jimmy Carter's defeat.

A similar effort by Richard Nixon, to sabotage the 1968 Paris Peace Talks, and prevent the election of Hubert Humphrey, has been solidly confirmed. Thus, deliberate interference in foreign affairs by the McCain campaign would be part of an established pattern of GOP lawlessness in manipulating the outcome of presidential elections, and there is increasing reason to think that McCain's campaign--or at least individuals associated with it--played a role in precipitating this crisis. They have certainly involving themselves in trying to keep it alive, and even escalate it.
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Greg Schulz said...

The only "October Surprise" we are going to get this year is going to be the smoking crater where our economy used to be. Just remember, Hoover was a Republican and those who forget the past cause us to repeat it again. Good job W!

Anonymous said...

Lincoln was a Republican too...

Anonymous said...

So was Teddy Roosevelt. And Reagan...Republicans are cool!

You want a recent reference to a inexperienced Democrat working over the economy, just take a look at Jimboy Carter....He was fantastic.