Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kurt Bestor demonstrates a new beer even Chris Buttars can buy


Anonymous said...

You guys are so politically savvy!

To mock the values of so many of your would be constituency!

Again....I applaude your genius!

Bubba Jones said...

Hey weirdo, this is funny. You need to get a life, but you Republicans don't really have much of a sense of humor do you.

Anonymous said...

A life? I'm not the one drinking beer out of a telephone. Dope.

But you Democrats don't really have much sense, do you?

Bubba Jones said...

I guess if it were a FAKE rootbeer it would be okay dope.

Get a life and a i-phone enema dope.

By the way anonymous, where I live it's the GOP'ers that love to booze it up.

Anonymous said...

No, if it were rootbeer it would still be doppy, dope.

I have an iphone...I make phone calls on it.

I can tell by your name that everyone where you live likes to "booze it up." We don't all drink in Utah.

This was the point of my original post....Dope.

By the way, why does every discussion with a liberal end-up somehow referencing something anal?

Laughing at Anon said...

I thought the "anal" part was refering to you.

Anonymous said...


I wish I were more anal...then I could sleep soundly in the resounding love of Democrats everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Because they love anus'