Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've got my pass for "The Speech"

These passes are awesome! The seats are nosebleed, but I'm excited!

Some highlights of today's schedule, which you can watch all of on CSPAN or

*Pledge of Allegiance by Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson
*National Anthem by Oscar winner/singer Jennifer Hudson
*Tribute to Dr Martin Luther King with Rev. Bernice King and Martin Luther King III
*Governor Bill Richardson
*Singer accompanied by John Legend
*Singer/Songwriter Cheryl Crow
*Recording artist Stevie Wonder
*Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore
*Wounded Iraq Veteran John Kuniholm
*Singer/Songwriter Michael McDonald

Oh, and there's some speech by some Senator from Illinois or something....

1 comment:

Kyler Ludwig said...

I love how the "greenist" convention ever still prints out plastic cards and gives out campaign signs everyday. I think that the only materials you guys have saved is the metal for your flag pins.