Sunday, August 31, 2008

Have conservatives found the girl of their dreams?

This is a pretty thorough and descriptive article from The Sunday Times (linked in the header).

The Sarah Palin experience will create a ton of conversations, not the least of which has to do with her example as a political conservative -- no doubt her run for the WH will spur a lot of talk among politicians and pundits who call themselves "conservative."

If all of the chatter is even close to true, Palin seems to be the closest modern politician to the Reagan model: the people's conservative. No matter what side of this race you are on, the Palin experience will flesh out a lot of stereotyping, generalizations, posers, and ideologues.

If you identify with conservatives (and I realize that most of the folks on this site don't), you can hope for another Margaret Thatcher. If you identify with liberals, you could at least hope Palin turns out to be a Thatcher and not just another politician...after all, if we're going to get her as a political leader, why wouldn't you hope for the best?

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