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From White Collar Fraud: Shurtleff - the Sign Stealer

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Mark Shurtleff is seeking re-election as Utah State Attorney General. However, many voters are unaware that in 1998 Mark Shurtleff, running as a GOP candidate for the Salt Lake City Commission, was caught removing his opponent's campaign signs by the police.

According to a 1998 article in the Deseret News:

…Mark Shurtleff was caught pulling down one of his opponent's campaign signs…. Shurtleff pulled down the Reberg sign on Union Park Avenue near 7500 South. West Valley resident Allen Hose, who has worked on Democratic campaigns, saw him do it and made a few calls, including to the local police.

The Salt Lake City Tribune also reported:

Republican Mark Shurtleff, who has stressed honesty and integrity in his campaign, admitted his actions to police….

While Mark Shurtleff still claims to espouse “honesty and integrity” as the cornerstone for his current re-election bid to be Utah State Attorney General, in reality he is the best corrupt public official that the unprincipled management team at (NASDAQ: OSTK) can buy.

I will have more to say about Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff in my next blog post. In the mean time, you can read my previous blog posts about Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, here and here.


Anonymous said...


So lets see here. We do not forgive Mark for an allegation, but we forgive Barrack Hussein Obama for being buddies with a figgen terrorist who bombed our own buildings...Hmm, I see.

Curtis said...

Anon -

I don't even know where to begin on this one:

a) this is an article taken, word for word, from another post - it was simply resubmitted for consideration.
b) There is no mention of Obama, McCain, terrorism etc. in this post.
c) Name one direct connection between Obama and the 9/11 attacks.
d) If you are so adamant in your convictions, perhaps you should name yourself rather than hiding behind an anonymous post.

I could go on and on, but I feel that this is a good start.

Anonymous said...


I am not Anon #1, but quit trying to contend that because someone posts under anon, it's some tactic of hiding. If the comment is legitimate, it's just as good as if it had come from "dayglow248." It makes no difference; it's just a dumb way for you to deflect from the real issues that are presented by anonymous commentors.

Just as you said there was no mention of McCain, Obama, or terrorism in this post, there wasn't mention of a connection between Obama and 9/11 in the previous comment.

Obama's mentor is William Charles ("Bill") Ayers, who bombed the pentagon unrepentantly. This counts as terrorism, too.

He’s a Black Radical along the lines of Rev. Wright. Obama seems to have a lot of these types of relationships.

You might look up his picture where he is standing on the American flag. A real class act. My Grandfather who fought (and lost buddies) in Korea really likes that one.

Anonymous said...

So, it appears that you have finally given up trying to hide the fact that you espouse the leanings of convicted felons/con men. Quoting this one word for word was quite interesting to see on the blog.

In an attempt to give you a clue: Don't associate your party with criminals. It hasn't worked for you in Louisiana, New York, or Chicago. You should give up trying.

I'm going to start refering to you as the Flim-Flam Party!

Anonymous said...


I am Annon #1. You have obviously not looked into your Savior Hussein Obama very well. As already stated, he is very good friends with William Ayers, who was with The Weather Underground which bombed several buildings in the USA, including the New York Police station and the Pentagon.

In 2001 Bill Ayers said "I wish we had done more (bombs)." Hussein Obama maintains to this day his friendship with this traitor. He also defended him in a debate with Clinton. He had a fundraiser with Ayers and asked for Ayers support early on in his political career.

You REALLY did not know this!!?

Anonymous said...

OH yes, did I mention that Bill Ayers told every young person in America to murder their parents in order to start the revolution he was yearning for? Quit burrying your face dude, look it up. Barrack Hussein loves this guy. Until it becomes politically bad to do so (flag pin, Reverend Wright, etc)

Anonymous said...


Since you seem quite ignorant about Barrack hussein Obama's wonderful associates, I just thought you would like to see some of what his Pastor for the past 20 years, who married him and his wife has to say. This is important to you who are ignorant.

Obi wan liberali said...

Wow, Curtis, you really brought out the nutters didn't you. Conservatives are really good about the "guilt by association" thing until you try to apply it to conservatives. The picture of McCain hugging that war criminal George W. Bush is enough for me to discount McBush's campaign for President.

As for Shurtleff's sign stealing, I'm sure it was a misunderstanding. Shurtleff was certainly looking for a better location for Reberg's sign.

laughing at anons said...

So if a Democratic candidate happens to know a terrorist, then it is assumed that that the candidate will be terrorist when elected. And then throw in the idiotic flag deal that conservatives love to have hissy fits over because only true americans wear flag lapel pins. Is it any wonder why comedy shows make fun of these conservative nutcases?
btw, why is it ok for the Bush family to have ties to the Saudi Royal family who have funded terrorist nations? Oh, I forgot, they are Republicans.

Jason The said...

Tom Delay is often on Fox News representing the Republican Party. I think that fact alone bars any Republican from criticizing another person on the lines of associations with criminals.

And incidentally, this line of attack is more humorous than effective. It's become old hat to watch the GOP try to blur the facts of an immediate issue by making it "about" something completely unrelated, and not relevant to the topic being discussed.

Anyone who took even a single high school debate class will recognize this as the arguing tactic of a low information, factually challenged individual hoping to grandstand their way out of looking like an idiot.

Unfortunately, most of the anonymous comments you see around these days sound like the words of idiots.

Facts can be unpleasant. It doesn't change them.

Anonymous said...

Dear idiot, Tom Delay NEVER BOMBED OUR OWN COUNTRY! So your saying that the associations one keeps, and the friendships one has has absolutley nothing to do with a persons character? That is complete B.S.

Look all around you, in most cases you attract people with whom you have common interests. Guilt by association? Your DAMN right! If McCain (Who I do not like, but will be voting for) were friends with and defended a child killer during a debate, then ALLLL we would here from you mentally derainged Democraps is how he is wrong for doing so.

Here is a black man running for president who has a radical black muslim terrorist for a friend and a black pastor who hates America see a pattern? And all you do is gloss over it. Please for the love of all that is decent and holy, pull your heads out of the sand and realize what you are giving this country with this socialist pig you call OBAMA!

laughing at anon said...

So you personally have met Obama and you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he is in fact is a terrorist.
Wow, is your first name, "Stupid"?
Take a few minutes and think about what you have written? I haven't met you, but should I call you a terrorist because you hate one-half of all Americans?
Go get a cup of Kool-Aid and cool off. No wait, you've had too much Kool-Aid. Go get a glass of ice-cold, flouridated, commie water. That should help you slip your head out of your *#@.

Nate said...


I thought this was a post about the continued unethical behavior of Mark Shurtleff.

I'm glad to know it was really an Obama post.

Just like a republican to run away from the real issues here in Utah, but what can you expect from a party that elects a thief as Utah's top lawyer.

Curtis said...

scratches head

Germaine (adj) -

Being at once relevant and appropriate: Fitting

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

JR said...



Anonymous said...

Damn, Curtis, did you just learn this word? You're using it in all of your comments.


By way of offering another clue: It's spelled "germane."

Now I'm scratching my head because it looked like you had actually looked it up, and still butchered it. Wow.

It reminds me of how even when facts stare Democrats right in the face, they still get it wrong.

laughing at anon said...

It reminds me of how Repubs make up facts and they still get it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Like making up new pretend words?

This is just an indication of why you generally don't win elections in Utah. (Or am I making that fact up?) Even when you're presented with the real facts, your tactic is just to lash out and not address the issues.

It doesn't work; in makes me laugh!


Now I'm laughing at Laughing.

Donald said...

From what I can tell, the one consistency of blog comments is that anonymous posters tend to be "low information" voters. This comment thread is a classic example.

And this post WAS about Shurtleff, but as you can see, when backed into a corner, many Republicans lose all semblance of adult behavior, and factual discourse, and instead lower themselves to cheap shots and petty claims that do more to expose their own lack of education on an issue than it does further the argument they wish to make.

And unfortunately, they still vote (usually against their own best interests).

Beginning a comment with "Dear Idiot" is something we should all leave in high school. Sadly, some never mature to this point.

Anonymous said...


Where was the lack of education? When it was pointed out that you're quoting criminals now?

Anyway, here are some cheap shots I found in this thread:

-"The picture of McCain hugging that war criminal George W. Bush is enough for me to discount McBush's campaign for President."

-"Is it any wonder why comedy shows make fun of these conservative nutcases?"

When will you improve your credibility and call out everyone that engages in hyperbole? Oh wait, I know...It's OK if a Democrat does it.

Criminals and their theories on society need to be left in the jail system. Sadly, criminals get out and Democrats quote their blogs.

If that's maturity, I'll stay Republican!

Randy said...

The quotes that matter actually came from Utah newspapers, but as far as the original blogger being a reformed convicted felon, well; it takes one to know one.

Shurtleff also used his county credit card for personal purchases to the tune of approximately $30,000.00. He eventually paid it back but only after he was caught. I guess that's where Speaker Curtis got the idea that it was okay to use county monies to pay for his personal gasoline.

As for Edwards, as a Democrat I'm angry and grateful that he wasn't our nominee, but let's not forget that McCain is also an adulterer.

At least (at the very least) Edwards had sex with a member of the opposite sex unlike self described family values candidates like Larry Craig bash gays while they are toe tapping with men in bathrooms, or like Foley who wants to have sex with teenage boys.

Anonymous said...

Man, you guys will let anything slide as long as they are Democrats.

I despise Craig and Foley for what they have done, and tell everyone so.

This is why your party has 0 credibility. We call out our candidates that misbehave. Why don't you do the same?

Stop justifying, and condemn the action without qualifications. It is repugnant, regardless of other Republican's actions, as their's are intolerable as well.

Randy said...

Actually it's the Republicans who will let anything GOP slide.

I called out Edwards but Craig is STILL in office.

So, Anonymous, will you call out Shurtleff and Curtis for their misdeeds? Will you?

My guess is that you won't and that's why you have zero credibility, that and the fact that you are to chicken to even post a first name.

Anonymous said...


-Kwame Kilpatrick
-William Jennings "Dollar Bill" Jefferson
-Bill Clinton

I think Craig is a pig and would love to see him out of office, as would The Republican National Committee and the White House, both of which called for his resignation. But, unfortunately, he followed the example of Clinton and just dug his feet in.

Here's the difference. The Republicans that did these things are pigs, and I don't have to say the word "but." It doesn't matter what misdeeds the Democrats do, they should go.

You, on the other hand, say it's sad, "but" look at these Republicans and what they did.

That is why you have no credibility.

Signed: David.

You know me so much better now.

Anonymous said...

John Siebert
Provo Ut
Do you really know the facts of this situation? Mark Shurtleff was not on a sign tearing down rampage throughout the city like you pretend that he was. That year Mark's signs kept being taken off of their posts and replaced by Reberg's the sign he took down was one of his own posts which Reberg's campaign covered with one of their own signs. The police investigation determined that Mark did nothing illegal.

Obamanation said...

John is right shurtleff didn't really do anything wrong it was the dirty politics of his opponent who tried to convict him on false pretenses.