Monday, August 25, 2008

Delegate Breakfast and Random Stuff

Here are some photos from this morning's Utah State Delegate breakfast.

Sign-in with Tika Beard, with "Life Elevated" t-shirts and copies of "The Practical Progressive" by Ericka Payne.

Wayne Holland briefing delegates with today's plan.

Karen Hale talking about a One-Man show she attended last night, and inviting delegates to attend this evening.

Your Utah State Delegates. (Notice that Jim Matheson is NOT in the photo. Please let us know if you find him)

And here are a few random photos of what we're doing when we're not at super-cool elite events.

I wish I could have gotten a photo of this gorgeous church without the street signs in the way.

We got several gift baskets delivered yesterday, though we have no idea where they came from. Being poor bloggers, who get excited over these sorts of things, the baskets were raided prior to getting any photos of them. One of the more exciting items was a can of spray oxygen. Jason, Craig and Jeff had to try it out to see what happened. I think it was gone before anyone pointed out that it was probably meant for use if we get out of breath when walking or riding one of the free bikes.

None of these cars contained Utah Congressman and Delegate Jim Matheson.

Here are the fabulous sleeping arrangements of the 5 of us in one room.

Glad I brought an air mattress.

Somehow Craig and Jason manage to get shut-eye in their sleeping bags amidst the luggage.

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