Monday, July 07, 2008

Walker's resignation highlights need for honest, open government says Utah Democratic Party Chair

SALT LAKE CITY – Although Rep. Mark Walker, R-Sandy, resigned his seat in the Utah House of Representatives Sunday, just before an investigation into a bribery allegation that was to begin today, the chair of the Utah Democratic Party said the party remains fully committed to a more open and accountable government.

“I sense heavy-handed backroom political deals here,” said Wayne Holland. “We can only hope Walker’s resignation will not derail the attempt of a few courageous lawmakers to force our GOP-dominated Legislature to work for us instead of lobbyists and their cronies. This is exactly the reason we need an independent ethics commission.”

Legislation for just such a panel was introduced by Democrats in January, but it was not even given a committee hearing.

Holland says he is hopeful the five lawmakers – two Republicans and three Democrats - who filed the ethics complaint will not become targets of retaliation, and he challenged Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. to lead his party in creating the kind of state government every Utahn can be proud of.

Walker, who lost his bid last month to run for state treasurer, remains under criminal investigation by the attorney general in connection with allegations he offered deputy treasurer Richard Ellis a pay raise if he would not run against him.


Anonymous said...

Right on. Don't let Mascaro become a target of retaliation, even if the charges are true and even if more women come forward with claims of having been sexually harassed.

Anonymous said...

Who killed the electic car?

Wayne Holland