Saturday, July 12, 2008

Toward a Neutral Net

Baby Steps.
FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said today that the Commission is wrapping up its investigation of Comcast's network management practices. Chairman Martin is recommending that his fellow commissioners find that Comcast violated the FCC's September 2005 principles that broadband networks be "widely deployed, open, affordable and accessible to all consumers."

For our part, we believe that such a Commission order will provide useful clarity on what types of practices are acceptable under the agency's Internet freedom principles, and help ensure that today's broadband networks remain open platforms to the Internet. No broadband company, including Comcast, should be allowed to employ traffic management practices that harm the interests of consumers, and the Internet itself, by failing to deliver fair access to all of the Net’s resources.
Neutrality is an issue of growing concern as the internet becomes (for better or worse) a larger part of our daily lives, careers, and even our politics. Read more about this issue here.


Anonymous said...

This is why government-owned telecom systems like UTOPIA are so important. Government ownership ensures neutrality.

Utah Democrats have been strong proponents of UTOPIA and need to make their support of UTOPIA an election issue this year because many Republicans opposed UTOPIA and prefer so-called free market solutions instead.

A good first step is to equate UTOPIA with the public school system and opposition to UTOPIA with support for vouchers. This gets a little complicated, but you can see how support for vouchers would lead to opposition to UTOPIA.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. A perfect example. But we also have to consider the continued "power" of companies like Comcast, Qwest, et al.

Opponents argue that this is regulating something meant to be "neutral" by nature. But it is the control of these "common carriers" who use the designation to defend themselves against lawsuits, but fight the designation when it comes to their control over "the pipes."

Legislation must be put into place ensuring future neutrality, much as we have done in past decades with train, airplane, and other forms of transportation the public depends on for quality of life.

Anonymous said...

That's why trains, airlines, and other forms of transportation should be government owned as well. That's how they do it in Europe.

There are lots of areas where public ownership is beneficial such as education, health care, basic industry which includes semiconductors and IT, telecommunications, transportation, insurance, and so on.

The private sector should mainly be restricted to retail of consumer goods. The public sector should take care of the rest.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious, or just out of your mind?

If you're serious, I don't even know where to begin as to how wrong that is....

What's sad is that I even have to wonder if you're joking or not..ggiikkk