Friday, July 11, 2008

Should These Children be Taken Away from Their Mother?

A mother draws a swastika on her daughter's arm...daughter goes to school...teacher scrubs swastika off...mother draws it back on her child...Child Welfare swoops in and removes all of the children from the home. Do you agree with the action of the Child Welfare services?

My answer: no.

Where would you stand?

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Jeremy said...

Probably not.

If I were the teacher I'd keep some industrial strength clenser handy every morning for my daily appointment with the girl though!

Anonymous said...


What if she had drawn a hammer and sickle? Where would you be on that?

CraigJ said...


Disgusting as the mother's behavior is, this as an abuse of government power. On this issue you, I, and the ACLU would be allies.


Anonymous said...

Take them away and never give them back.

Paul Mero said...

Anon do have a point. The only thing worse for me would be the logos of the SL Trib, Sunstone magazine, Affirmation, or Obama's "Change" campaign (which is pretty much down that road you are referring to).

Ummm, let's see. No, I would still think the same way.

Allie said...

Child welfare stepped way out of bounds. The school could educate the parent on the dangers of ink and skin (is that just my own personal paranoia?).

I don't think the teacher ought to be washing it off herself- I think someone in the office ought to do it so that it is clear that it the school that will not accept that rather than just the parent.

Also, if it violates the school's dress code they should suspend or do whatever else the consequence for breaking the dress code is.