Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keep it in the family

Hiring of senator's son drawing fire
Kane development post funded by state money
By Bob Bernick Jr.
Deseret News
Published: July 23, 2008

Kanab economic development officials say everything was above board in their hiring of a state senator's son for an $80,000 a year job after the Legislature funded the position.

Kelly Stowell, son of Sen. Dennis Stowell, R-Parowan, was hired last week as a special consultant/executive director for southwestern Utah's Center for Education, Business and the Arts, located in Kanab. Sen. Stowell represents Kanab and surrounding counties and supported the funding for CEBA.

In addition to his base salary, Kelly Stowell can earn another $20,000 if certain goals are met over the next year, said Christina Schultz, chairwoman of CEBA.

A number of state senators received an e-mail Tuesday complaining about Kelly Stowell's hiring. A July 14 story in The Spectrum, a St. George newspaper, has on its Web site a posted comment that makes the same allegations as the e-mail: that Kelly Stowell is unqualified for the position and that Sen. Stowell helped get CEBA a $125,000 grant funded by the 2008 Legislature that provided the money to hire a new consultant/executive director.



Anonymous said...

Erin Litvack, Jason Yocum, Bryson Morgan, Etc, Etc...... All hired by government all related to democrat polticians. But we dont want to know that because they are not conservative republicans.

Anonymous said...

Erin was involved in politics before she married her husband who she met because of their shared interest in politics.

Bryson was hired by??? Republican Kirk Jowers.

Jason does a great job and is making his own name by his good works.

Your argument is full of holes anonymous, but keep trying.

anniev said...

Unless people were in the room during the interview process with all the applicants and know what was said and done any thing said is just speculation, not facts.

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon anniev!

I live in Kane County, and believe me, everyone is in everyone else's business. You know how even in Salt Lake it feels like a small town? Yah, even worse here.

So if you think for a minute everyone involved in this didn't know what was going on, you must be mistaken. They just figured no one would care enough about CEBA to notice. Surprise!

Yet again, an overwhelming majority in a legislative body proves just what a overwhelming mess the majority can make. Checks and balances are the only thing that will keep them fair. 'Cause even with the media watching, they still raise the middle finger.

Anonymous said...

Right my argument is full of holes... is it? Because i know for a fact that bryson worked for Dan Jones long before Kirk Jowers was there.

I am not saying he isn't qualified, I think he is quite capable, as is Erin.

The point is whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

If Uncle Don's nephew is going to post this about Republican nepotism than i think by way of full disclosure should show that it happens in both parties.