Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Davis County Clipper: Did Obama’s world tour change the race?

Party Lines - Did Obama’s world tour change the race?
Clipper 29.JUL.08
By Rob Miller, Utah Democratic Vice Chair

Future President Barack Obama’s “World Tour” has not only been worthwhile, it has helped present a new direction for both America and our allies. Unilateralism has been relegated to the dust bin of history and Obama had the opportunity to offer a vision of a future built on cooperation that recognizes the reality that we are all part of a global economy with a common interest in tackling extremism, climate change, and nuclear proliferation, just to name a few.

Throughout this tour, Senator Obama has been able to express the values the world remembers America for. By acknowledging that we have sometimes stumbled, the Obama administration has shown its commitment to a path that does not include torture and violations of the Geneva Convention will not be tolerated. Obama does not offer excuses, rather he gives people around the world a chance to remember why they love our great nation.

In the spirit of JFK and Ronald Reagan, Obama was able to articulate our common love for freedom and appreciation for the rule of law essential to liberty; he is thus laying the foundation for a renewal in relations with other countries that have been sorely lacking over the past 7 1/2 years. Simply said, Senator Obama has not only been able to define what “Change” means to Americans, he has been able to define “Change” to the world. His reception in Berlin reaffirms that the world is not only listening, but is also embracing, a movement that will undoubtedly put our country and its allies back on the right track.

Proof that this positive vision is taking hold can be seen in a recent Gallup Poll Daily conducted from July 24-26 that shows that Barack Obama now leads John McCain among national registered voters by a 49 percent to 40 percent margin which makes sense given John McCain’s repeated references to Czechoslovakia — a country that has not existed since 1993, and let’s not forget McCain’s statement that Afghanistan borders Iraq when in fact it does not.

Our country is at a political crossroads and as a Davis County Democrat who became involved in politics due to the current state of affairs caused by one-Party domination locally, and the failed policies of the current national administration, I can whole heartedly say that I am delighted to endorse and sustain Barack Obama’s candidacy.

Although Barack Obama is running on the Democratic ticket it is my opinion that his leadership represents an opportunity for all Americans. His message transcends party affiliation and that’s why I don’t see Barack Obama simply as the “Democratic” candidate, but as our “American” candidate whose message of “Change” will undoubtedly put our nation back on track both locally and abroad.

Party Lines - Did Obama’s world tour change the race?
Clipper 29.JUL.08
by Todd Weiler, Utah Republican Vice Chair

When I heard Donnie Osmond belt out “Puppy Love” in the Conference Center over the weekend, I was reminded of the media’s man-crush on the junior senator from Illinois. When McCain visited the Middle East a few months ago, the media hardly took notice. Yawn. But when Obama’s foot touched ground in Iraq, the news anchors were live on the scene. As though Neil Armstrong had just landed on the moon or something.

Not surprisingly, the Europeans simply adore the most liberal senator in Washington. Especially the French, who have embraced his cut and run strategy for Iraq. After all, no one knows more about surrendering than the French. Let’s face it, if the election was to be held in Europe, McCain wouldn’t stand a chance. (They didn’t like Reagan either.) But back at home, Barack is slipping in the polls — he is in a statistical dead heat with McCain.

Don’t get me wrong. I readily admit that Barack looked good on the road. He attracted a crowd in Berlin that was reminiscent of Kennedy. Americans saw Obama meeting with world leaders, which obviously made him look more presidential. Since many Americans (like me) view Obama as inexperienced, he needs to convince the electorate that he is capable of leading the free world.

So if the trip went “very well” (Barack’s words, not mine), then why is he losing support? Like all rock stars, Obama looks good on a stage. But what happens when the lights go down?

Obama’s ego trip exposed a serious weakness: pride. Take the troop surge in Iraq. Obama voted against it last year. He said it was a big mistake, and would only lead to bigger problems in Iraq. But he was wrong. Anyone with a pulse can see that the surge has worked, and in a big way. So what does Obama say when he visited Iraq? He said if he had it all to do over again he would still vote against the surge. Wow. What kind of president will he be if he cannot admit when he has made a mistake?

Pride and inexperience are not Barack’s only problems. Voters are beginning to realize that Obama is big on rhetoric but little on substance. In other words, he is an empty suit.

And then there’s his politics. As the campaign intensifies over the next couple of months, America is going to realize that Obama is the most liberal candidate ever nominated for president, far more liberal than Kerry or Gore.

They will discover that when Obama says he wants “change”, he means he wants us to become more like the French. And that isn’t going to sit so well with middle America.


Curtis said...

Way to site your sources Rob...BURN!

Take that Todd Weiler.

Anonymous said...

Cite, Curtis....cite.

You burned yourself.

Jason The said...

Very nice, Rob.

And why is it the GOP voices always sound bitter... jealous even?

Heh. Neener.

CraigJ said...

Great post, Rob.

Not too long ago I remember people like Todd complaining that McCain was a "media darling" taking the focus away from the Mittster and getting a "free pass." And yet here we see them whining because Obama is more successful in his earned media efforts.

Speaking of earned media, did you see McCain's interview with Larry King a couple of nights ago? Pathetic! No wonder the press is bored with him.

Obi wan liberali said...

The newest Republican spin, is that Obama is prideful or arrogant. Talk about being called ugly by a warthog? Now that is audacity.

Curtis said...

Eh, spelling has never been my strongest attribute - I accept this.

Bubbles said...

Todd Wheeler needs to stop drinking the spiked eggnog.