Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
John F. Kennedy


A viewpoint for change

What if Davis County had an Economic Development plan that makes sense? Today, we hear local politicians put the cart before the horse as they promise to relocate companies to our local cities. Believe it or not, tax incentives are not what attract businesses to relocate. Simply put, most local governments around the country offer incentives for businesses to relocate. And businesses know they can negotiate with a municipality no matter where they relocate. Then what is it that draws a business to move?

Planning for economic development is similar to a puzzle with many pieces. And one key reason a company will relocate to a certain area is the quality and welcoming atmosphere of local public schools. Not only does a company want the best public school system for their employees, great public schools also produce a potential, future workforce. Employers value the importance of public education.

Indeed, we are proud of what our public schools accomplish for what little funding they receive. But instead of having good public schools… What If Utah had the best public schools in the nation? It is a goal we can attain if we adopt a few changes in policy that reflect the principles of educating our children today and for future generations.

What if…
  • Teachers, parents and students work together towards educational success.
  • Schools had smaller classrooms to concentrate more on the potential of individual students.
  • The core curriculum base better prepared students for post-high school education.
  • Improved assessments measured the quality of teachers and students.
  • Improved community involvement resulted in more local control.
  • Public Schools implement changes that make sense for Utah.
  • The public had more accountability and more educational options within public schools.
  • Compensation plans are improved to retain existing teachers and to attract new teachers.
  • Students are provided with equal opportunities throughout Utah.
(Source: Utahns For Public Schools and Utah Foundation report on low per-pupil funding in Utah 5/29/08)

Moving Forward …with Better Public Schools

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