Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Amicus Afternoon Edition


Anonymous said...

It's easy for left-wing bloggers to make fun of conservative legislators whining about liberal newspapers.

Imagine if Rolly, Walsh and company were conservatives. You'd be wailing too.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen Rolly or Walsh give Democrats a break either, but keep whining GOP! It suits U!

Jason The said...

Rolly, Walsh, "and company." Who would that company be?

KSL? Nope, conservative. Deseret News? Nope, conservative. Local television news? Nope, conservative.

So three columnists, and half a newspaper (referring to the SLTrib of course) vs. the rest of Utah's media establishment? Man, how DOES the GOP survive? Poor little fellas... they've had such a rough time of it!

As I said on Steve's blog, the "media bias" defense is the weak mans argument. You guys can surely do better.

Casey said...

Well, the links were correctly titled. Waaaaaa! and Boo Hoo! are the best descriptions for what I'm reading from SteveU all around the intertubes. What a whiner!

Bill Keshlear said...

You deluded puppies.

When talking about the so-called mainstream media it’s a mistake to think in terms of liberal vs. conservative.

Think “show me the money,” as in Joe Cannon’s canning of 35 at the Deseret News (But don’t worry about the former chairman of the Utah GOP. Cannon makes probably three or four times as much as the people he summarily “let go” and then there’s that nice $250,000-to-$500,000 loan from Congressman Cannon Lee Davidson reported on in June of 2004), as in Dean Singleton’s freebie “products” draining Tribune editorial resources to keep us (and advertisers) happy, shining, and laughing.

The Tribune employs roughly 50 or 60 reporters and some freelancers. How many of those are employed to keep us well-entertained and fully consuming?

Rolly, Walsh, Warchol, and the handful of other reporters and editors passionate about public affairs at the Trib are not ideologues, not liberal or conservative. They’re interested in power – who has it and who is marginalized because they don’t and what the consequences are for the rest of us. It’s summed up nicely by a creed rendered quaint because of corporate journalism. Their mission is “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.”

More power to them. They’re a dying breed.