Monday, June 16, 2008

Amicus Morning Edition

GOP and Vouchers: Ignoring the Will of Utah Voters. Again.

McCain Flip-Flops on Immigration. Again.

For News Junkies: Top 10 RSS Readers Reviewed.

Bush Doesn't Know What the Supreme Court Does.

Obama and McCain Surrogates Debate Technology.

Iraq 'Special Weapons' Have a Fallout on Babies.

Fresh Perspective and Balance.

Fox News Hires Huckabee.

The Growing National Debt.

Unicorn Discovered in Italy?

Jean Welch Hill, On the Campaign Trail.

75 Years Ago Today...


Anonymous said...

How does the article you link to indicate that President Bush doesn't know what the Supreme Court does? All I saw is his disagreement with the ruling.

Jason The said...

It was the title of the original article. Clearly displayed.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. You might consider linking to less ambiguous sources in order to improve the credibility of your blog.

J-Man said...

Improve credibility with whom?

I think this blog is right on top of it. I especially like this blog when they report on Buttars and Shurtleff.

Anonymous said...

To improve credibility among those who would expect the title of an article to relate to its content.