Thursday, May 01, 2008

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Dear Friends and Colleagues

As many of you know, I have announced my candidacy for the State Legislature, House District 58. This is not a step I take lightly. Although it will be hard to run against an incumbent, I am committed to spend whatever time is needed. I look forward to walking the neighborhoods, getting to know the people in our district, and listening to their concerns. With your help, we can bring about a needed change.

I believe I can better represent the people of this district. I’ve lived here nearly all my life. My wife, Cathy, and I have lived in the same home for 36 years. We raised 8 children here. I want the best for our homes and families, our neighborhoods and communities. I will vote for positions that serve the interests of the people in my district, not what furthers my political or personal ambitions.

I have a long history of service to this community as former superintendent of Alpine School District and principal of both American Fork High and Pleasant Grove Junior High. I taught math at Orem High for 10 years. I am a former LDS bishop and stake president. Currently, I am an associate professor of educational leadership at BYU where I direct a school-university partnership centered in the school of education.

As an active, involved citizen, I am aware that the issues voters really care about are not adequately addressed by many of our lawmakers. These include establishing long-term funding for public and higher education, supporting issues related to children, “boomers,” and senior citizens, providing health care and human services, meeting transportation needs, protecting our environment, preventing crime, providing affordable housing, and preserving our neighborhoods. Issues such as these are a high priority among Utahns in our district as well as across the state. I pledge to be an effective, moderate voice in the Utah Legislature—a voice that is needed more now than ever.

Here is where I need your help. A state house race requires a significant amount of money to communicate with voters. It also requires involvement by interested people. Please consider participating in my campaign. Please feel free to call, write, or email me. I would be happy to discuss any issues or concerns.

The time has come for a change. If elected, I will do my part to bring balance, bipartisanship, and common sense to the Utah legislature. Please join me in changing the future. Thank you for your support.


Steven Baugh

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