Sunday, May 04, 2008

Statement from Senate 10 Candidate John Rendell on Chris Buttars' "buiness as usual" nomination

Yesterday was a sad day for the people of Senate District 10. The citizens of our district were reminded once again that an ultra conservative Republican minority is in control. Today a surprise last minute endorsement by one of his rival candidates and a suspect ballot was all Chris Buttars needed to secure the Republican nomination.

Business as usual for the Republicans…

However, District 10 has a choice. I am John Rendell and I am your Democratic Senate candidate.

Republicans are realizing that Chris Buttars and the Republican Party no longer represent them. Two of my neighbors, both Republican delegates, came to my house after today’s primary. Both were outraged and disappointed at what had transpired at the convention. Both neighbors left supporting my campaign, Rendell for Senate lawn signs, and literature to hand out to their disenfranchised Republican friends. Gary Armstrong has also publicly stated his dissatisfaction and stated he will support my campaign. When candidates and delegates turn their back on their party you know something is wrong.

As your Senator I will:
  • Represent the people of District 10 with openness, honesty, and respect.
  • Fight for reduced class sizes, increase per-pupil spending, and give Utah teachers respectable compensation
  • Fight for water conservation and renewable energy sources
  • Fight omnibus legislation
  • Fight any attempt at reviving school vouchers
  • Fight to make sure that the citizens of Utah are represented properly in 2011 during house and senate redistricting
  • Fight for ethics reform

We will need your support to make this happen. We need contributions, volunteers, and high visibility locations for signs. Most of all, I need your vote in November. Please join me in restoring dignity to the citizens of Senate District 10!




Anonymous said...

The Buttars episode was concocted by the sl trib and channel 4 tv in collusion with dem party operatives.

it was and is a fraud.

in reality the plan was to wound buttars to prevent his opposition to passage of the slc f*a*g marriage registry, and to run him out of office to bring discipline to anyone opposing f*a*g power elite.
you should see my wife's new pickup truck. talk about a dark, and ugly thing. that baby is black.

wake up people and stop letting propagandist control your thoughts. buttars is fine. homos hurt themselves and others through disease and mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The previous comment shows such a way with words, and such a brilliant mind. How could one argue with that!?! Isn't it wonderful to be governed by such people?

Frank Staheli said...

Buttars won with 60.2%.

How coincidental!!!