Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Face of Utah GOP Values?

When one party has a super majority the extremists take over.

A great example of this fact occurred today at the Salt Lake County Republican Convention when West Jordan State Senator Chris Buttars was once again elected by the District 10 GOP delegates to be the face of their values on the ballot this November.

These delegates may think they represent the values of the majority of Utah residents and the residents of District 10, but I know better. They only represent a small minority of extreme Right-wing ideologues who continue to force their authoritarian and bigoted ideology down our throats.

Buttars' win today is an embarrassment to the residents of Senate District 10, and to all Utahns, and especially to my GOP friends, family, and neighbors.

Is Chris Buttars really the face of Utah's GOP values, because if he is, it's time to jump ship.


Anonymous said...

Crucify him!

Anonymous said...

What is the GOP thinking running "these people" ? Delegates can be bought off with free food as easily as our legislators apparently.

It should be a great year for Dems if other moderate Republicans such as myself cross party lines in November with the fare Republican delegates are serving this season.

People #1, Party #2.

Anonymous said...

WHAAAAA!!! WHAAAA!!!!!! Goo Goo Ga Ga....i'm a Democwaat...

John Render