Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Amicus Morning Edition

All the news that's fit to post...
  • More Utah Bloggers on the State Convention, Here, Here, and Here.

  • GOP Hopes to Hijack Dem Campaign Message with "Change You Deserve" (trouble is, the slogan is already in use for a popular anti-depressant).

  • Booman Tribune: If She Hadn't Voted for the War...

  • McCain Wants it Both Ways on Global Warming.

  • No deferential treatment for House Speaker Greg Curtis.

  • Today is Salt Lake's Mayor's Bike To Work Day.

  • Bush Hits Another Record Low.

  • Republican Nightmares: The Ron Paul Rebellion?

  • Mitt Romney Reflects on the JFK Speech that Wasn't.

  • And as if George Bush, Iraq, John McCain, the economy, and Ron Paul weren't enough, Republicans now have former Rep. turned Libertarian Candidate for President Bob Barr to deal with.
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