Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Salt Lake County Democratic Convention Date Change

The Salt Lake County Democratic Convention date has been changed to Saturday April 26, 2008. The convention will still be held at Jordan High School located at 95 East Beetdigger Blvd. (9880 South). The convention will begin at 1:00 p.m.


Brian Watkins said...


One week out from the event, we're rescheduling a nominating convention?

A convention with competitive races that will determine who leads our state next year is serious business. I hope everybody agreed to the change.

Senate 1, House 22, and House 28 have potential to be close races as do others.

Anonymous said...

What happened?

I agree with Brian that this has the potential to be extremely unfair to the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Many delegates from house 22 agreed to come for this date but now will be unable to make it to the new date and the time will also be in the afternoon. What happened? We need to be more organized as a party.

Anonymous said...

ACT's happened. The school canceled because they didn't realize how many people would be coming to the convention and it would disturb their ACT tests. A legitimate reason. Late, but a legitimate reason.

It'll give the campaigns more time to campaign. It is good. Should have been changed earlier...but it's good.

Tresa said...

So, now it starts at 1:00 pm. How long will it last???