Monday, April 07, 2008

Meet Bennion Spencer, candidate for Utah's 3rd Congressional District

On March 17, 2008...
Bennion L. Spencer filed to run for Congress in Utah's 3rd District. He will be running on the Democratic ticket, and is very excited to have the opportunity to run for Congress. Bennion will be bringing some fresh, new ideas to the table. With a Master Degree in Political Science and International Relations, Bennion has a grasp of the issues facing our great country. He will support our next president in restoring peace in the world and making our country a more prosperous and better place to live . He is very passionate about the economy and also about immigration.

About Bennion...
Bennion Spencer grew up in Layton, Utah. He received his Bachelor Degree in Broadcast Communications from Weber State University and his Master of Science in International Relations from Utah State University. He has an extensive background in political violence and revolution, or what today is called terrorism. He also served an LDS mission in England and Wales. Bennion has spent the past 25 years in journalism working as a reporter, producer, news director and general manager at stations in Texas and Utah. As a television journalist, he has interviewed many dignitaries, including presidential hopefuls and corporate presidents, but his favorite all time interview was with the Civil Rights heroine, Rosa Parks. Bennion has taught college courses at several universities across th e valley. While teaching at Salt Lake Community College, Bennion developed a broadcasting program for Spanish-speaking students. In addition to this, Bennion was a faculty advisor for Operation Smile at Utah Valley State College. In 2000 and 2002, Bennion took a break from television to run for the Utah State Senate. In both campaigns, he focused on improving public education and removing the sales tax from food. He also served as the advisor for the Riverton Youth Council. In 2007, he helped his long time friend and associate Dick Nourse establish the Dick Nourse Center for Mass Communications and Journalism at Dixie State College in St. George, Utah. Bennion and his wife Malinda, live in Riverton, Utah; they have four children, and five grandchildren.

Why I'm Running?
I'm running for congress because we as Americans are feeling the problems of the last eight years and what I consider the worst stewardship of the American economy. During the 2000 presidential campaign, then Governor Bush and Vice President Gore debated on how to spend an anticipated 2.2 trillion dollar surplus. This campaign will not be about the misrepresentation of the past, but about the future and about what we as Democrats can do differently. I would love to hear your ideas, please feel free to contact me. I would also love your support and help with my campaign.

Thanks! Bennion


Bennion said...

Cool first name, very distinguished, I like it.

Anonymous said...

I just found out that their is a choise in the 3rd didtrict..WOW!.
You ceratinly are a Brave man to run in this district....and I would enjoy helping your efforts.
perhaps we can get some tracion.. momentum going!.
Start chipping away at the "out of date" " Boy Old" "Buddy System".
A Change certainly needed.

David said...

Good luck on your conquest of the west central semi-theocracy. Just kidding. Read about you in the NYTimes and after many years in Utah, I live in the east and am going back to the Beehive State tomorrow night for a weekend visit with family.

With a lot of work and notoriety you might have a chance, making some subtle digs at football players having frequent brain concussions that might affect their judgement. And maybe a case for the environment. With all those ticky-tacky houses going out into desert after claiming what's left of Utah's breadbasket, where's 'conservatism' in Utah? as to saving the environment? If not for the fed. govt. locking up the mtn's from greedy local developers, Utah wouldn't be a healthy place to live.

A question though is as a one time student of Weber College back in the 70's. Wasn't it a 'college' back then when you went? That University thing is relatively recent I believe.

(U of U, '80)