Monday, April 28, 2008

Let’s put the passion and energy back in Utah politics!

Fellow Democrats,

I am in the fight of my life as I run for National Committeeman. I have some very entrenched Democratic opponents that I genuinely respect for their past accomplishments and contributions to Utah Democratic politics. Equally we have had some very effective past National Committeemen. But now more than ever Utah Democrats need a new energetic leader that will change the face of Utah Democratic strategy and that will work twice as hard to bring balance back to Utah. The Republicans have been wrong for too long and now is the time to elect new leadership that can make a difference in Utah politics.

In the past we have had leaders that have unsuccessfully pursued this National Committeemen position simply as another metaphorical Democratic trophy to throw on their shelves. Equally, after the election of some past National Committeemen it was rare that you ever heard from your leader again right up through the next Presidential election year as they represent you as a Utah Super delegate. As I run for National Committeeman I commit to you and all Utah Democrats, if elected I will not lean on my laurels and coast for the next four years. I will work full force for the next four years to listen to your concerns, shape a new Utah Democratic policy & platform as well as bring more Democrat speakers to Utah than ever before. I have had years of experience that overwhelmingly qualifies me for this position. As your next youthful energetic leader I commit to you now that I will bring more national leaders to Utah like I did before when I brought Governor Richardson to speak at the 2007 Utah Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson dinner. In commemoration of this past event I have put together a DVD of Richardson's keynote speech and pictures that is a behind the scenes glimpse of the VIP reception and JJ event.

So make the decision now to pledge your support for me as your next young energetic National Committeeman for Utah Democrats by making a contribution and by voting for me at State Convention on May 9th and 10th. Take a stand and tell your friends, caucus members and fellow Democrats that this is the most important race of our generation and that Aaron Thompson is the only Young Democratic candidate that will work tirelessly for a better Democratic Utah. You can learn more details of my run for National Delegate and National Committeeman at my website below. Every donation whether it be $15, $30, $50, $100, $500 no matter how large or small matters! In appreciation of your donation you will receive a commemorative 2007 Utah Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson dinner DVD. You will find more information on my run for National Committeeman and National Delegate at the website below. Make your contribution today to the Committee to Elect Aaron Thompson. Your vote counts, your vote matters, so make the difference by providing me your vote for National Committeeman at the State Convention.

Democratically yours,

Aaron Thompson
Candidate for National Delegate & National Committeeman

Contributions can be sent to:
Committee to Elect Aaron Thompson
7119 West 8050 South
West Jordan, UT 84088

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