Friday, March 07, 2008

The wisdom of experience: Former Utah House Chief Clerk runs as a Democrat

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Changing Hats
One of the first people to file as a challenger for the Utah Legislature this year is a woman who has more experience in the House of Representatives than than any sitting lawmaker.

Carol Peterson, who was the first woman appointed chief clerk of the House and had more than 30 years experience on the House staff, filed Friday as a Democrat to run against Rep. Kevin Garn, R-Layton, in House District 16.

Peterson served as chief clerk until about three years ago, when Speaker Greg Curtis replaced her. Her previously strong relationship with House leadership suffered in 2004 when she was a strong supporter of former Speaker Nolan Karras in the Republican gubernatorial race. One of the other candidates for governor that year was Marty Stephens, who at the time was the sitting House speaker and Curtis was his majority leader.

Peterson says she is running as a Democrat because the dominant Republican majority in the House has lost touch with the interests and wishes of the people. She cites vouchers as a prime example of that and notes that Garn voted for vouchers while the legislative district he represents voted against it in last fall's referendum election.

Paul Rolly

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WC said...

I met Carol Peterson a while back when she was thinking of running. I thought it was going to be as Republican. But when she spoke I was thinking - this lady is a Democrat but doesn't know it. Anyway glad to see it. She is a neat and smart lady. I hope she wins.