Monday, March 10, 2008

Uncle Don Miller Says: Give credit where credit is due Rep. Clark

So Rep. Clark in his SL Tribune guest editorial wants the GOP monopoly in the legislature -- thus patting his own back -- to get all of the credit for the top government management grade awarded Utah by the Pew Center. Never mind that regular Utah State administrative employees who work hard year round, not just 45 days, actually deserve the credit.

Not surprisingly, Clark didn't try to take credit for the three F grades and the D- Pew gave Utah for campaign finance disclosure. These bad grades truly belong to the GOP monopoly. Clark also didn't tout two other categories Pew considers vital: (1) preschool access, and (2) preschool funding, both of which are "none" in Utah, and both of which exclusively belong to the GOP monopoly.

Don L. Miller


Don L. Miller said...

Rep. David Clark wants the Utah GOP monopoly to take credit for everything. So why doesn't Clark brag about his group being embarrassingly called "the developers support society," and when lobbyists are involved the "'best legislature that money can buy?"

Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of just giving credit to government workers, Don should also give credit to the voters and taxpayers of the state who are ultimately responsible for what happens here.