Friday, March 14, 2008

Teri Olsen on the Geraldine Ferraro thing

Allow me to start with a few disclaimers:

1. The views expressed below are not mine, but those of my wonderful wife and eternal companion.
2. Teri is a certified Obamamaniac. She loves the guy so much it makes me a little jealous.
3. Although she is a loyal Democrat, she shares with most non-Democratic Utahns the somewhat unreasoning dislike of Hillary Clinton. She claims she doesn't trust her, but her (and other Utahns) opinion of Hillary remind me of an old rhyme by Dr. Seuss:
I do not like thee, Dr. Fell
Why that is I cannot tell
But this alone I know full well!
I do not like thee, Dr. Fell

So, with those disclaimers: After listening to the back-and-forth between Geraldine Ferraro, the Obama campaign, and the press this week, Teri had an interesting insight. She feels that the quality of the support of many older feminists for Hillary is - how can I say this? - somewhat nasty. She feels there is a touch of meanness and arrogance there, an attitude of, "Of course Hillary should be annointed the Democratic nominee. If you're a woman and you disagree, you're a traitor, and if you're a man and disagree, you're sexist."

As a member of the same basic demographic group (middle age and older white professional women), Teri's reply to Geraldine Ferraro is simple: "Chill out! I have my own mind, and I'll support whoever I want for President. The general sense out there that Barack Obama is a nicer person than Hillary is no media conspiracy - just a reflection of reality."


lucidity said...

Somehow I don't think all the feminists throughout history fought for my right to be forced to vote for a woman.

Voice of Utah said...

Frankly, tempers are becoming a bit frayed on both sides, which is unfortunate. I have been embarrassed at things that Hillary supporters have written/said, and angered by things that Barack supporters have written/said.

Are some women (and men) supporters of Hillary mean and nasty? Yes. Are some of Barack's supporters mean and nasty? Yes. I quit reading Huffington Post comments months ago because I couldn't stand either camp.

Meanwhile, I try not to get mad, I remind myself that my pro-Hillary bias affects some of my opinions (like whether there should be revotes), and I look forward to voting for the Democratic candidate in November, even if it isn't my candidate.

The Wilderbeast said...

I just want to take Hillary in my arms and make whoopee! She's so sexy!

Obama might be great but only if I had a cigar at the time.

Anonymous said...

Geraldine Ferraro is a traitor to the Democratic Party.

Like mostly limousine liberals in the North East she say’s one thing relating race relations; but her actions in the opposite direction speak volumes.

Do we really want people like this who sport the Hillary Ticket?

It’s time for a change from the stale leaders of our party, like Geraldine Ferraro.

Support Obama.

Nikki said...

I am mixed race and a woman.

As a woman, I'm insulted by women campaigning as victims.

Being mixed race, I understand that it's not necessarily an advantage but it does give you unique insight into American cultures.