Thursday, March 27, 2008

Richard D. Watson for State Senate District 23

A resident of Bountiful for more than 20 years, Richard’s community involvement has given him the experience of working with incredible people from the South Davis area. As a three-time community council member and a two-time PTA board member, Richard understands the problems in education. In addition, he also enjoys coaching youth sports as a coach in Jr. Jazz and Cal Ripkin baseball.

In addition, Richard has been chairman of the Davis County Democratic Party for the last six years and has been a political columnist for The Clipper for almost three years.

As Chair of local Democrats, Richard has encouraged everyone to be involved in the Party and to donate, at least once a month, to the local food banks. (Over the past few years, the Bountiful Food Pantry has received over 2,000 lbs of food.)

Richard is married to Carol Watson, a high school teacher, and they have two sons, Andy and Bret.

Richard’s main goals for serving the people of South Davis County are:
  • Education: We need a heartfelt and sincere voice for teachers and parents, someone that cares. Too often we hear promises that fall short. We need results rather than chatter.
  • Open Government: Too much secrecy in our government has led our elected leaders to abuse the voters, our taxes and our trust. The recipe for change is to elect a caring and a straightforward voice of the people, to stir up the “soup” in the “government pot”. Legislators have to be reminded that they are employed by the people.
  • Taxes: Too many promises are made about taxes and little has been done to relieve the tax burden of average, working (and retired) middle-class residents in Davis County. Rather than focus on tax cuts for a few, we should strongly consider easing the tax burden on families who are struggling to make ends meet.
Elect Richard Watson Campaign,
State Senate Dist. 23
90 E. 1100 South, Bountiful, UT 84010, (h) 292-6772, (c) 540-3146;

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Ruchard Watson win in Davis County? - Never gonna happen.