Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Open Arms

I was elected a County and State Delegate last night

This is my first post on what hopefully will be a daily basis. I want to share my experiences of the past several days and last night caucus. As many of you know from the media, I resigned my positions with the State and County Republican party nearly two years ago. I have been registered as unaffiliated since then. Having never attended a Democrat caucus before I thought it might be interesting to meet my friends and neighbors that are active Democrats. [More]


Anonymous said...


I hope you find the Dem party more to your liking (and more lucrative).

To say that you weren't well received is ludicrous. You served as a delegate and on the central committee but wore out your welcome with your antics and constant desire to make money off of everything you touched.

You wore out your welcome at Utah Policy (with one of the nicest people in the world - Lavarr Webb), you've worn out your welcome in every job you've ever had and are lucky that Carrie has stuck with you.

Best of luck Mark.

Anonymous said...

Mark Towner is an opportunistic statist whore if there ever was one.

Towner's desire to personally profit by affiliating with whichever group is likely to hold power at any given time is the same strategy successfully (sadly) employed by the neocons.

Nate said...

You GOP'ers are ruthless. I'm not sure how happy I was about Mark's move, that is until I read the above comments.

Welcome Mark, with open arms.

Sorry Amicus, could you remove my original comment?

Mark Towner said...

Thanks Nate for the kind words. To anonymous and anonymous, those are pretty strong statements. I can't imagine what I have done to offend you so. I have nothing but respect for LaVarr Webb, and EVERY job I've ever had? Would you care to be more specific? "Towner's desire to personally profit by affiliating with whichever group is likely to hold power at any given time is the same strategy successfully (sadly) employed by the neocons."

I'm afraid you have your facts incorrect, a quick look at my balance sheet and my involvement in the Utah Republican Party is 10-15 grand in the negative.

Whatever offense I may have caused you, please accept my apology. Yes you are right, I am blessed that Carrie has stuck with me. Without her my life would be totally worthless.

Mark Towner

Jason The said...

The compassionate side of me says "Eh, everyone can change, so why not?"

The cynic in my says "Yeah, but can they change THAT much?"

Guess we'll see.

Chris said...

I'm ok with Republicans changing parties, we had three former republicans in our precinct meeting. The Democratic party has always been open to everyone.

Apparently even John McCain thought about joining us more than once.

But, maybe we should have some conversion classes, for example.

Lesson Number 1:

It's the Democratic party, not the Democrat party.

Lesson Number 2:

No listening to Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingram, or Bill Reilly's. Watch Keith Olberman as much as possible.

To Be Continued....

Richard W. said...

you forgot to add that no one should listen to Hannity either.

I know Republicans are mean, but the Anons above are another example of why we need change.

Chris said...

Forgive the oversight.

-Especially Not Hannity