Saturday, March 08, 2008

Who is Monty Nafoosi?


JM Bell said...


I want one of those cars, though.

(my goodness, that's an ugly website. Grammar check, anyone?)

Misty Fowler said...

I'm with Jeff on this. And did no one bother to check it in Firefox? I can't read half the text because it overlaps other stuff. Ah, well.

JM Bell said...

It's just as bad in IE, Safari and Opera. Not just in Firefox.

GirlsGoneWeed said...

Looks like Monty's got a court date on Thursday.

PRETRIAL CONFERENCE BOU 081800020 Other Misdemeanor
OTN: DOB: 12/12/1955

monty nafoosi said...

Yes, I do have a court date...they dont let people on social security disability use the meds they need in this sad it is that in Cali you can buy your meds in a vending machinee 24/7 365 but in Utah they break down your door

Anonymous said...

It also looks like Monty is a registered R. Cool idea though. Good luck Monty.

Anonymous said...

Monty's also been a generous donor to Republican candidates and causes. Probably helps with all those lucrative government contracts you mention on your campaign web site, eh Monty?

March 1, 2001-National Republican Congressional Committee-$500
May 15, 2001-Orrin Hatch Election Committee-$1,000
June 21, 2002-Re-elect Freshman of the Republican Majority (REFORM) PAC-$5,000
June 30, 2003-Re-elect Freshman of the Republican Majority (REFORM) PAC-$5,000
August 24, 2004-John Swallow for Congress-$500
January 3, 2006-National Republican Congressional Committee-$300
August 28, 2006-Orrin Hatch Election Committee-$1,000

Monty also appears to like a Republican Congressman from Illinois, Jerry Weller, to the tune of $4,000 for his 2001 campaign.

Rep. Weller won't be running for re-election this year amid some questions about his Nicaraguan land dealings, his wife's investments, and his relationship to an indicted defense contractor.

monty nafoosi said...

Yes, I WAS a republican
Yes, Congressman Weller was my Congressman in Illinois
Yes, I was a government contractor
Yes, thats how the game is played
Yes, I do use my name

Joe said...

Why do "green" cars always have to look like they came from a cartoon? I wish they could just look normal. I wouldn't want everyone to know I'm driving a environmentally friendly car

JM Bell said...

Joe That's the dumbest thing I've read in the last ten minutes (what'll the neighbors say if they know I don't want to pollute/save money/etc), yet, a great question.

You can always either:

Build your own. Get a chassis you like, gut the engine and install a few bits and, boom, you have an electric car.

Convert to Natural Gas. it's a couple of grand, sure, but, you get a giant tax rebate AND you pay only $0.63 a gallon.

Don't cry about the cartoon car, find a solution to your fear that people will tease you for driving a cartoon car.

Hee hee.

Joe said...
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Joe said...

I don't fear the teasing (I have an older brother and so am immune to teasing), I just don't want to constantly be making a statement. I found a nice lexus hybrid that fits my style, but not yet my budget.