Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Government is the enemy!


Anonymous said...

Our Enemy, the State

Anonymous said...

Great message: more government is better

Anonymous said...

No, thats your message anonymous.

GOP'ers are always saying, "less government!" What they are really saying is, "I'm pretending to be a conservative so you will elect me, but my real plan is to toe tap through the public treasuerey, help myself and my friends make more money, all while I'm pretending that God loves me more."

We need less GOP'ers, then we will achieve "less government."

Anonymous said...

No, anon #3, the logical conclusion from the cartoon is clear: those who oppose more government are bad. Therefore, those who support more government are good.

The left's real plan is "toe (sic) tap through the public treasurey (sic), help myself and friends make more money, all while I'm pretending that God loves me more because I am being charitable by giving everyone other people's "free" money".

Richard W. said...

Repubs always campaign on smaller government.
Yet, our Repub Legislature in the past 10 years has quadrupled the State budget. These so-called "fiscal conservatives" love to spend our money on projects that they want (soccer stadiums, conference centers, etc). In the past 20 years, no Democrat has raised our taxes. It is clear that Republicans are the "tax and spend" party.

Obi wan liberali said...

Republicans aren't for less government. They are for less effective government.

Just to clarify.

Anonymous said...

"In the past 20 years, no Democrat has raised our taxes."

Gee, I wonder why? Maybe it's because they haven't had the opportunity to raise taxes in the past twenty years.

Actually, state spending has doubled, not quadrupled, in the past ten years.

lucidity said...

If the financial sector had been better regulated, we wouldn't be in this current mortgage mess. If the food industry were better regulated, we wouldn't have a food recall every other month. Our government has a vital role to play in conducting oversight of businesses. The Republican "death to government" message doesn't play very well in the current environment.

Richard W. said...

You are assuming that Democrats will raise taxes. You can not back it up and you never will be able to back it up.
When Democrats are elected this year, I can't even imagine taxes going up. Anon, we're not in the 1980's, move on and admit that Republicans have made alot of fiscal mistakes. What is sad is that few Republicans ever admit that they have not fulfilled their campaign promises of smaller government. But too many do raise taxes and blame someone elsce.
It's no surprise that more and more are tired of hearing the same old b.s. every year from the Republican Party.