Monday, March 17, 2008

Dave Hogue is a Democrat

Former Republican files for District 52

After 47 years as a registered Republican, Dave Hogue of Riverton filed today to reclaim his House seat in District 52, not as a Republican but as a Democrat.

Former Rep. Hogue said that the Republican leadership is out of step with Utahns and that it is captive of narrow special interests. He said he would work for progress, instead of working to make a philosophical point.

“Republican leadership has distanced itself from the common citizen, and they want to push their own personal agendas and those of special interest groups,” said Hogue. “It is my intention to give people of District 52 the representation they’ve lacked over the past few years - to give them a voice again.”

Hogue said he intends to remain a fiscal conservative. He has always supported public education and opposed vouchers.

He stressed that he would vote for policies that best serve the district, and referred to the Democratic Party as a “Big Tent” that embraces a wide range of political opinion.


Rob said...

Welcome home Dave. It is good to be here, with you.

Anonymous said...

Happy to have you Dave! Riverton deserves someone like you.

Anonymous said...

Nice belief in freedom of speech boys!! You deleted my message on Hogue being insufferable.

I used to live in his district and he was worthless with a capital W.

I am sure this won't be posted either, you only believe in "select freedom.". As long as someone agrees with you, then their ok.

Rob said...

Sorry Rep. Wimmer, You are free to comment here, but have some class and sign your name.

Rob Miller

anythingbutlukewarm said...

It sure would be fascinating for people who have a miniscule amount of intelligence to expect a candidate to be able to succinctly express their specific goals and plan of action rather than throwing out generic and slanderous rhetoric about their opponent. Dave Hogue - I am a Riverton resident. WHAT BILLS ARE YOU GOING TO PASS? WHAT CHANGES ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE? I graduated summa cum laude from college - impress me with something more than elementary school mudslinging tactics. You attack my current Representative and imply that he has somehow bonded with special interest groups? Let's see, Carl Wimmer got Jessica's Law passed- increasing penalties for child rapists and killers from a minimum of 3 yrs to 25 yrs. Do you suggest that Mark Lundsford and other parents of murdered children are big bucks lobbyists? If this is your argument, then it stands to reason that Hogue would rather represent the interests of the criminal pedophiles, of which there are tons in Riverton! Is this your campaign strategy? Do Democrats care more about criminals rather than protecting children from predators? Carl Wimmer has done alot in a short amount of time for our kids and our community. Look at the bills Wimmer has passed and make your own decision. I challenge Democrats and Repubulicans alike to pick a candidate with substance and integrity rather than simply looking at whether an ass or an elephant resides on their campaign sign.
I challenge you to look at the actions of a candidate, not just the words...