Thursday, February 07, 2008

You are invited...

This is the conversation a poll worker had with a Bountiful resident on Super Tuesday at the Davis County Library in Bountiful, Utah:
"You are registered as unaffiliated. You can vote in the Democratic Primary, or you are invited to register as a Republican so you can vote in the Republican primary. Would you like to register as a Republican so you can vote in the Republican primary?"

"Hell no!"


Nikki said...

"Hell No!" is the only answer to that question.

Captain Spyglass said...

I voted for Obama. I'd like to see a change, but it won't happen this time. It will be Hillary vs McCain in a National Cage match, and like Obama said today, after Hillary wins the nomination, the Republicans have a Dump Truck load of dirt on Hillary that will win the election for McCain. The Dems will control the Senate (not 60 though) so continued stalemate, and the Dems will grab 50-75 seats. But the White House will still be Republican.

Richard W. said...

Paul Rolly also captured another comment from Bountiful in Tuesday's Primary Elections:

By Paul Rolly
Tribune Columnist
Article Last Updated: 02/06/2008 01:25:42 AM MST
Fox News viewer? While standing in line to vote at her polling place at the Bountiful LDS Val Verda Stake Center in Davis County, Nan Klein, director of professional affairs for the Utah Psychological Association, overheard this conversation:
Man, turning to woman behind him in line: "I see Obama is beginning to overtake Clinton in the polls."
Woman, after a brief silence: "Which one is he?"

Man: "The one running against Clinton."
Woman: "Oh, the African American? I thought that was McCain."
Man: "No, McCain's the one running against Romney."
Woman: "Oh. Well, if we're going to have to have a Democratic president, I'd want him. Clinton scares me."