Thursday, February 28, 2008

Seegmiller to announce bid for District 49 seat currently held by Speaker Curtis

SALT LAKE CITYJay Seegmiller will announce on Tuesday, March 4, that he will challenge House Speaker Greg Curtis for District 49.

“It’s time to clean the House,” said Seegmiller.

“More than anyone else, Speaker Curtis is responsible for the way our Legislature functions,” the candidate said. “It’s time to hold him accountable for his leadership style, rules he imposes on a whim that uniformly benefit his cronies, and the privileged access he grants special interests but denies constituents.”

Seegmiller says that he has fought for working people his entire adult life, adding that when elected he will demand fiscal responsibility and stringent oversight of business developers seeking state taxpayer subsidies.

“The Utah I grew up in was a safe and healthy place to live,” he said. “We can and must make sure we pass on that legacy to our kids. That’s my contract with voters of District 49.”

Seegmiller said, “I will fight for campaign finance and ethics reform that Utahns overwhelmingly favor but the Curtis Legislature has consistently stymied.”

Seegmiller, a firm believer in the importance of strengthening families, public schools, and communities, has come out strong against school vouchers and other attempts to marginalize our children’s education. His campaign will contrast that philosophy with that of Speaker Curtis, who played a key role in ramrodding an unpopular voucher bill through the Legislature last year by just one vote.

“Speaker Curtis does not share the values of my neighbors or yours,” Seegmiller said.


Seegmiller has lived in District 49 for 19 years. He and his wife of 29 years, Michelle, raised their four children there. He grew up in the Glendale area of Salt Lake City and graduated from South High School. Seegmiller has worked in the railroad industry for 31 years and is currently a conductor for Amtrak. He twice has been awarded Amtrak’s prestigious “President’s Service and Safety Award.”

Protecting the interests of his fellow workers always has been a priority for Seegmiller. He has been active in the United Transportation Union (UTU) during his entire career at Amtrak and has represented fellow Amtrak employees. Seegmiller serves as the Utah State Legislative Director for the UTU.

Seegmiller’s professional experience would help Utahns, especially those living along the Wasatch Front and in District 49, find solutions to their transportation growing pains.

Seegmiller is active in his community, serving on the Sandy City Transportation Committee. He has also arranged for parents and teachers to meet with Congressman Jim Matheson at Hillcrest High School to discuss ways to fix some of the problems with “No Child Left Behind,” in particular how it harms children with learning disabilities and their schools and teachers.

Announcement details

Who: Jay Seegmiller and Democratic and community supporters
Where: Utah Capitol Rotunda, Salt Lake City
When: 12 noon, Tuesday, March 4


Anonymous said...

So I take it that the guy doesn't have a college education?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if he does, or doesn't, but I am sure that Greg Hughes (R) and Dan Eastman (R) are both in office without college degrees.

Anonymous said...

who cares about a college education? Some of the most educated people up there are the stupidest lawmakers.