Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Run, Frank, Run!



Anonymous said...


Du wirst es bereuen. Du haettest keine Chance zu gewinnen. Lass Dich nicht ueberreden.

Rob said...

My rusty translation may not be exact Frank, but here is what I think anonymous said:

"You will regret it. You would have no chance to win. Do not let you persuade."

Isn't it amazing how the powers that be try to discourage good people from running. They must not believe in Democracy, in fact I know they don't.

Run, Frank, Run!

Win, or lose, you win.

Win or lose (And I think you could win) it will give Utahns a choice.

In Utah Democrats are the heroes of Democracy (capitalized because of its importance) and Utah needs heroes like you Frank.

Run, Frank, run!

Anonymous said...

"Don't let them persuade you" or "don't allow yourself to be persuaded" would be a more accurate translation.

Anonymous said...


Ich habe nichts mit den "Powers that be" zu tun und ich glaube an die Demokratie.

Frage dich aber, ob es sich lohnen wuerde, wenn Du hoechst wahrscheinlich weniger als 35% der Stimmen erhalten wuerdest. Wuerde das die Demokratie in Utah staerken?

Rob said...

As I said anonymous, I am a bit rusty translating German.

Jason The said...

A rough translation of Anonymous' "wisdom" (emphasis on those quotation marks there):

"I do not have anything to do with the "Powers that be" and I believe in the democracy. Question for you however whether it would be worthwhile itself, if you would receive probably less than 35% of the vote. Would that strengthen the democracy in Utah?"

And to answer this miser's question, yes it would be worth it. Thankfully few look at the world as Anonymous does, or we would never experience change or progress or growth.

Anonymous is basically implying that trying is the first step in failure, so why try? What great advice, huh?

This is probably why the comment was anonymous. The words obviously don't come from someone with the strength of conviction.

Anonymous said...

Hey Miller, just quit. You Won't succeed. You should probably consider leaving Utah. Utah is republican.

Richard W. said...

hey Anon:

Democrats, si se puede!

Rob said...

Thanks for the advice anonymous.

I was born in Utah.

Michelle and I are raising our children in Utah.

And, even if nothing ever changes politically in Utah I will have a home here for the rest of my life.

I love Utah anonymous, and nothing could ever change that.

Utah is my home.

With every best wish,

Rob Miller

Utah Conservative said...

I am sorry. Who is Frank? Is it Pignanelli? If he were to run, and win, would he have to give up his column, or just during the session?

Anonymous said...

who is frank and what office is he running for?

Rob said...

I will say that Frank isn't Frank Pignanelli.

Cameron said...

Frank: Simple Utah Mormon Politics

And I agree with Rob, Frank should run.

Anonymous said...

Nice assumptions Cameron.

WP said...

If he runs against any Republican in the legislature, I would get out my check book for Frank.

Go Frank go!