Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Unintended Consequences From The 2008 Leg Session

Who says our legislature never does anything helpful? Of course this one is by accident.

HB407 Substitute 2 provides that all Internet service providers who agree to quickly give away their customers' private data to government officials who ask for it (even without a court order) can take upon themselves the government sanctioned label: "Community Conscious Internet Provider".

The way I look at it the legislature has inadvertently provided a way for me as a consumer to know which ISPs I should avoid like the plague when I'm shopping around for a new service. Anyone willing to label themselves a "Community Conscious Internet Provider" is also willing to give away my privacy at the drop of a hat.

Thank you legislators for allowing ISPs to willingly take upon themselves this dark mark so consumers will know who not to give their money to!

H/T Pete Ashdown's Journal (Pete's post on this topic is aptly titled "The Big Brother Seal of Approval")


David said...

This is what we call "looking at the bright side."

I just hope my ISP does not sprout one of these CCIP/BB seals.

Jeremy said...

Yeah...I've decided to try looking on the bright side of life more in my blogging!

I hope my ISP decides to avoid adopting one these badges of stupidity as well!