Friday, February 01, 2008

Mayor Becker to Honor President Hinckley with 97 Bell Tolls from City & County Bell Tower

One Bell Toll for Each Year of Hinckley’s Life Will Commemorate Leader’s Legacy

SALT LAKE CITY – To honor President Gordon B. Hinckley’s great impact on Salt Lake City, Mayor Ralph Becker has ordered the bells of the City & County building to toll 97 times, once for every year of President Hinckley’s legendary life, at the conclusion of the LDS church leader’s funeral services this Saturday.

As the funeral goers are leaving the LDS Conference Center and making their way to the cemetery, the Salt Lake City & County Building bell tower will ring 97 consecutive tolls.

“I hope the sound of the bells will remind everyone in Salt Lake City what a remarkable, visionary leader President Hinckley was, not only of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but also of Utah’s capital city,” said Mayor Ralph Becker.

The tolling of the bells will last approximately 16 minutes and will respectfully accompany the funeral processional as it travels from the LDS Conference Center to the Salt Lake City Cemetery where President Hinckley will be laid to rest.

In addition, Mayor Becker is in the early planning stages of creating a unique art exhibit honoring President Hinckley and his vision for the City, entitled “Visions of Salt Lake City.”

The Mayor is working closely with leaders of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce to co-sponsor the art event which is tentatively scheduled for June 23, President Hinckley’s birthday.

Preliminary plans are being discussed for the exhibit. The Mayor’s Office and the Chamber are hoping to engage Salt Lake City artists and capture a variety of different artistic expressions of the capital city.

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Paul Mero said...

Very classy of Ralph.