Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Let Buttars run!

There has been a lot of talk about State Senator Chris Buttars retiring because of his inflammatory comments recently. Even though I am completely outraged with his out-of-touch and sickening legislation and comments, I respectfully disagree that the senator should retire. I want him to stay in. I want him to run again. Our Democratic candidate will beat him in November.

My good friends Weston and Chris wrote great posts about why Buttars shouldn't retire now.

I've started a fundraising campaign for whoever the Democratic candidate is in Senate District 10. Whoever the candidate ends up being (and I'm certain we will have plenty of people to choose from), the money raised here will go directly to them. I urge you to contribute to this vital race at Financial disclosure reports show that Buttars has almost $68,000 to spend on this year's race. Let's hit him where it really hurts--in the pocketbook. We're fighting for this seat and we are not going to back down.

Please contribute $10 now for the Democratic candidate of Senate District 10. (Or more if you'd like). I have already contributed my $10.

Donate now.


Anonymous said...

yup, a bunch of hypocrite free speech phonies.

t-o-l-e-r-a-n-c-e, you claim it as a virtue but do not practice it.

but you suffer your own punishment by being liars and hypocrites.

anti-Buttars said...

Just because you say it anonymous doesn't make it so. Come on anonymous, state examples.

Voice of Utah said...

I don't see a way of anonymous donating via the link, but I pledge to donate directly to Buttars' opponent as soon as one is announced.